BEACH TENNIS is much more than just tennis on the sand

The sport is becoming increasingly popular and is now one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Beach Tennis is a mixture of tennis, beach volleyball and badminton and scores points with athletic and acrobatic jumps as well as a rousing atmosphere. Beach Tennis players are characterised by good reactions and a good feeling for the ball and often engage in spectacular rallies in a relaxed beach atmosphere. The game is played with pressure-reduced balls and rackets made of carbon and fibreglass, which have a smaller racket surface than tennis. Although there are single competitions, beach tennis is almost exclusively played in doubles or mixed.

Sport events are our passion and for the past six years we have been putting our heart, soul and professionalism into Beach Tennis events. PLAN B has succeeded in bringing Beach Tennis from the beaches to the urban environment and is a pioneer in staging high-class urban Beach Tennis events at international competition level with the Beach Tennis Open Saarlouis. The Beach Tennis portfolio is set to grow further, with the German Beach Tennis Team Championships being added this year.

Klaus Bouillon

Regional Sports Minister Saarland

“It was the right decision to hold this tournament here in Saarland once again. It is great event for Saarland which we will campaign for again.”

Raphael Schäfer

Member of the regional parliament and head of his party in the Saarlouis city council

“Saarlouis is a sports town, so we are always pleased when we can bring events like the Beach Tennis Open Saarlouis here. We hope that things will continue in the same way next year. It is important for us to try out new directions. We have to bring sport to the people. This beach tennis tournament in the centre of town is a great way of doing that. Organising a third edition here in Saarlouis will be a challenge, but it is one we are very much willing to take on.”

Maraike Biglmaier

Professional Beach Tennis player

“There are more and more really good women playing beach tennis now,” commented Germany’s number one player. “The last few weeks were a bit frustrating for us – we kept getting close to winning but lost out in the end. That makes this victory here event sweeter. I want to thank the fans for their support and I hope we will have more big tournaments like this in Germany in the future.”

PLAN B Beach Tennis Events 2021

The German Team Championships in Beach Tennis: At the BeachMitte facility in the heart of the capital, a new format awaits the participants on 17 & 18 July. It promises to be even more exciting and a second highlight in the tournament calendar. Already on 16 July, an international world ranking tournament of the smallest category will take place at the same venue, a bonus event for the players.

The sport city of Saarlouis in the Saarland will once again be the venue for one of the most highly endowed Beach Tennis events in Europe with the Beach Tennis Open Saarlouis from 25-29 August 2021! DTB German Championships in Beach Tennis 2021, highest endowed international ITF Beach Tennis Tournament, Amateur Cup of the City of Saarlouis, Beach Tennis for Kids, Open Courts, Expo, brilliant supporting programme, pure beach feeling and much more!


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